ok 1…2… testing testing!!~

so i am going to try to do this and not get frustrated to much just remember I am new at this so these are the manga I am going to review:

La portrait de petite Cossette:

Free collars kingdom:

Mugen Spiral:

Paradise Kiss:

Sword of the dark ones:

I don’t know why the paradise kiss is such a huge picture … we’ll just go with: because it’s my favorite haha

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One thought on “ok 1…2… testing testing!!~

  1. OneMoreMile says:

    Awesome ^^ Today I got 2 mangas from Fruitbasket for my birthday. I have no idea what it is but my friends said it is hilarious so let’s try it out :’)

    Anyway, you can try to read my blog but it’s all in blog.
    A few of my old columns are half in english :’) I’m terribly sorry but you can still look at the photos & icons and stuff :’)

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