Free Collars Kingdom #1

So this is a book I just picked up on a whim sometime last year… it had cat people so it caught my attention.

This is a shorter manga at 3 books and it isn’t exactly one of my favorites but i will review it.

So it starts off with our main character Cyan. Cyan is a cat who lives a cofortable life with his master Kokoro.

Cyan loves his life and his master so much that he doesn’t really think about life on the ouside until… Cyan’s master’s mother gets rid of him and he has to fend for himself….

That is when he meets the free collars! There are 4 other free collars and they are coon, char, rat, and ameshero the old man. These people become like a family to him in his time of need.  They join together to fight the otaku cat girl Siam with the help of Scottie a pretty neighborhood cat.

in the first book they go on many adventures and try and save nyan – man.

Mangaka : Takuya Fujima

Put out by: Del Rey

Places to buy: Del Rey, Just Manga

3 thoughts on “Free Collars Kingdom #1

  1. Kitsune says:

    I support cat manga 🙂

    Nyan-man? lol

  2. thepoop says:

    I support cat manga too 🙂 love it love it love it!!~

  3. tenisha says:

    what is the ISBN number for all 3 of the manga. pleas

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