Le Portait de Petite Cossette #1

I got this manga for christmas last year.

It is quite different than any other manga I have read before…

Good but very unsettling.

It is about a guy named Eiri who works at an antquie shop that sells in particular one painting of intrst to Eiri. This painting is of a girl named Cossette.

Everyone who owned this painting in the past died in mysterious ways and Eiri learns that a curse was placed on cossette and she must find the things that belonged to her in her past life in order to be free…. but what will happen to Eiri?

He must follow Cossette into her memories and help her to put a stop to the vengence her things are taking out on other people!

Read this if you like: Gothic, Victorian, Gothic Lolita, Fantasy, Drama

Story: Cossette house/ Aniplex

Art: Asuka Katsura

Put out by : Tokyo Pop

Places to buy : Tokyo Pop , Just Manga

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2 thoughts on “Le Portait de Petite Cossette #1

  1. rageofhitsugaya says:

    this is creepy haha. I’ll wait for an anime series for this one LOL. the girl in the portrait reminds me of rozen maiden’s dolls

  2. thepoop says:

    it most definitely is CREEPY! but that is the way it is suppose to be and there is an anime!!~

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