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A special tuesday review! Mugen Spiral #1

This is book 1 of a 2 part series.

This manga is a manga that could stand to have a few more books. It is a great romantic story about a girl named Yayoi and the demon king Ura.

Yayoi holds a great power that has been in the women in her family and many demons have tried to steal it. Ura is no different so when he tries to steal Yayoi’s powers she turns him into a cat.

Ura ends up helping Yayoi fight against the demons who try to steal her power and they become very close.

I really would like to emphise that this is a really good manga and a good way to start a collection as it is only to books. If I were to give it a rating out of ten I would probably give it an 8.5.

Mangaka : Mizuho Kusanagi

Put out by : Tokyo Pop

Places to buy: Tokyo Pop, Just Manga

You will like this manga if you like: Supernatural, Romance, Cats, Cuteness, Wish by Clamp

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daily anime video FLCL : Little Busters

So I decided that it seems you the people like it when I post videos here so  I introduce to you :


*Also side note sorry that the review for Sword of the dark ones is so crazy I was kind of sleepy!*

Hope you like it 🙂

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Sword of the dark ones #1

alright people there is really only one downfall to this manga…. IT’S NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!!~

besides that this manga is all that and um.. well you know a bag of chips! What kind? THE BEST KIND!

unless you are against nudity… sometimes these chips like to get naked..  anyhow:

First off the covers are AWESOME! Look at that cover. Don’t you want to take it home and show how hospitable you are?  but oh my friend that cover is just the beginning!!~  inside lies a treasure trove of AWESOMENESS! that is included but not limited to :

1. Talking Swords

2. Crazy Tiger Men

3. A main character that is um… more than meets the eye haha but sadly there is no optimus prime here…

plus there is something for everyone : action, gore, cuteness, animals, talking swords, hot girls, cool looking lead male who kicks butt and um.. takes names and then beats up people with said names!

So all i can say is if you are not offended by a little bit of nudity READ THIS ASAP!!!!!

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Bad! bad naughty poop!~

I forgot a couple of my favorite anime openings… shame on me…

1. Paradise Kiss ( my real #1 favorite Op song…)

2. Zombie Loan

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