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Paradise Kiss #2

So with book 2 we see Yukari’s world expand even more then in the first book! She now has a boyfriend and is going to model for a student fashion show! She never before this even gave modeling a thought and now she is thinking about leaveing home to make it on her own!! Oh how her world has changed.

In this book we meet Miwako’s sister Mikako who is also the main character of Ai Yazawa’s previous work

Gokinjo Monogatari (neighborhood stories).

She has grown up and now owns Happy Berry and Yukari goes to see her to see if she can get a job working for her at her shop. It seems though that the clerk position is taken.. would she like to become a model instead??

Mangaka : Ai Yazawa

put out by : Tokyo Pop

places to buy: Tokyo Pop , Just Manga

~oh and it you want a rating for this manga i give it a 10 out of 10~

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