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Petite Cossette #2 – END

Ah so I hae reached the end of my first series on the scoop! *pats self on back* even though it is only 2 books long haha..

Ok so Peitie Cossette is STILL creepy in this book but this time you atleast learn more about her past.

You get to see into the past and you learn how Cossette was killed in the first place. It lets you see why Cossette can’t die peacefully and why she haunts the people she does.

During this final book we see Eiri (the main charcter if you forgot) get sucked further and further into Cossette’s world until he begins to be obsessive. He starts thinking of her even when he is not in her world and begins to lose his grip on reality…

In the end we do get to see how Eiri handles having to leave Cossette and return to the land of the living. Can he live with out her?

ok so I forgot to mention last time but there IS an ANIME for this! so you can always check that out to…

I can’t tell you my thought’s on it though as I have not seen it. haha

so anyhow you know the drill:

you will like this if you like: gothic lolita, creepyness, skulls, mild horror, and gothic stuff

it is put out by : Tokyo Pop

you can buy it at : Tokyo pop , Just Manga

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ok so it’s not anime BUT it’s fun so there you go!!~

ok so i luv luv luv this music video so here you go: your daily music :

Sophisticated Side Ponytail by Natalie Portman’s Saved Head.

Give it a try … it grows on you

Do you wanna see shanmu with me?  YES I DO! I LOVE SHAMU!!

so yeah… i love having a blog…

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