Mugen Spiral #2 -END

Wow i am ending 2 series in ONE day.  So Tomorrow I will begin some new series!~

Mugen Spiral comes to an end in only the second book. It was too short… but i have good memories.*tear*

Since they are tying this up in two books there is ALOT going on in this book… people trying to steal Yayoi’s powers, Ura’s crazy brother, people trying to steal Ura’s title, and developing love…

As much as I love this series I must say…EVEN I GOT A BIT LOST but just for a little bit. Nothing too bad.It has a cute ending and most things get wrapped up nicely. There are a few loose ends but nothing you can’t figure out.

There is also a special side story where Ura and Yayoi go back in time to help out little Yayoi. and a 3 page story that takes place after the events of the actual manga. both are good and are nice accompanyments to the actual story.

Mangaka : Mizuho Kusanagi

Put out by : Tokyo Pop

Places to buy: Tokyo Pop, Just Manga

You will like this manga if you like: Supernatural, Romance, Cats, Cuteness, Wish by Clamp

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4 thoughts on “Mugen Spiral #2 -END

  1. klaraflame says:

    I read some reviews about this manga but I’m wondering it is really, really, really worth getting? I suppose an entire series lasting two volumes won’t really kill my piggybank too much…

  2. thepoop says:

    yes yes yes! it is worth it 🙂 and yeah it won’t set you back too much but it is harder to find now a days.

  3. klaraflame says:

    I’ll add it to my Xmas list so. 🙂

  4. source says:

    This blog site has a lot of extremely helpful information on it. Thank you for informing me.

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