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Free Collars Kingdom #2

cat boys!!! cat girls!!! yey yey yey!!!

so has anyone read any of this since I reviewed book one less than a week ago?? if anyone reads any of the maga i review i would love to hear about it 🙂

ok so would you like to know what awaits you in book 2??

well in this book we have a lot of crazy stuff going on :

1. they’re is a day at the beach where a fight breaks out between Siam’s group and the free collars

2. An Aquarium trip that gets out of hand

3. Char tries to keep Scottie out of the group

4. A human tries to make Cyan and Scottie his pets

Over all book two is still a good book although I find it REALLY creepy when the cats take baths….

You should check it out if you are looking for a good action/ romance/ cat people manga


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Sword of the dark ones : the second!!

Man…the chips from the first review are back with a whole new “bag of tricks”.

This book is mostly just one giant fight. Leroy vs. Tiger Beast Man Cartel!! Everywhere you look someone is on the verge of death BUT WAIT no he is getting back up and then…

SOMEONE IS EXPLODING!!! now that guy is becomeing the devil!!!

so if you love fighting, insanity and blood blood blood. well then you might just want to read this manga in the very near future. i almost just said : Get this manga before it gets you!!!

Mangaka: Kotobuki Tsukasa

From a story by: Yasui Kentaro

Put out by: CMX

Places to buy: Amazon, Just Manga

Read this manga if you like: Demons, Beastmen, …Hot Girls?, Action, Muscley crazy heros

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