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On the theme of anime and manga there is drama!!~

How many of my readers love drama??

I though for fun i would put some of my favorite songs from dramas!!

First there is my favorite drama op song ever!:

Destiny by My little lover (from “with love”)

next up there is the opening song for my favorite drama!! with lots of Nakatsu Clips!!~

Ikenai Taiyou  by Orange Range (from “hana kimi” jp)

well that is all the videos for today!! More later i promise!!~

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Free Collars Kingdom #3


so we have come to the final book and I am sorry to say it is NOT the best book I have ever read…

this is because you have built up alot of questions in your brain. questions that NEED to be answered or your life will never be complete… and you think “oh final volume sweet sweet friend please tell me what will happen” and NO it answers none of those questions!!~

Will Cyan become all that he can? Can he become the cat the legends tell about??

You will never know!

Will Siam get her way will she be the leader of the cats in Nyan – Man???

You will have to make that part up in your mind!~ Because apperantly Takuya Fujima can’t be bothered with telling you. The series besides this book is very very good so it hurts that this book is so terrible…

Yes! If you can get over having to make your own ending or just know in your mind that everything goes smoothly then head out now and pick up this manga it is up to you to decide if cat girls are indeed worth it.

Put out by : Del Rey

Places to buy: Del Rey, Just Manga, Amazon

Thanks for checking out my Free Collars Kingdom Review

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Paradise Kiss #3


You have made it 1/2 way thru this wonderful piece of art that is Paradise Kiss!~

Has anyone gone out and read this yet? C’mon you know you want too!~

Anyhow for those of you who haven’t read book 3 here you go:

Oh yeah so first off a warning there is a little nudity in this book!!

In this the 3rd installment of our journey we start by taking a peek into Yukari’s first ever modeling job! Yukari is on her own now and trying to make it but before too long she decides that she will be moving in with George. Though she is quick to get angry at George she also finds herself falling more and more in love with him!~

Living with George seems great but it of course does not solve all her problems. She is thinking about quiting school to become a model but first she needs a guardians approval! She realizes that it will be hard for her to get her mother to ok something like this but she goes to her mother to ask anyway. Her mother oks it but there is one thing she must do before she can model full time….

Sorry if this review seems a bit wordy compared to usual I am having fun typing haha 🙂

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