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Stray Little Devil #1

Ok so this manga is the first manga to reach 5 people picking it in my poll on my crunchy roll site 🙂

so you will get a review of it!! TA DA!~

So welcome to the world of Stray Little Devil book 1!~

So let’s start at the beginning: Let me introduce to you Pam. A normal human girl with human friends and a not so normal fall into hell.

Put out by : Dr Master

Places to buy: Amazon, Just Manga

You will like this manga if you like : demons, demon vs. angel battles, fan service

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RIN #1 (Warning YAOI)

I had a request for some Yaoi,  so I thought… well I like it so I will review one of the ones I own!!~

To start us off I give you RIN!~

Rin is definitely a Yaoi that you can read and not worry about it being found by most people. It is very light on the things that might make some cringe. It is a good manga for those wondering if yaoi is for them. It is cute and It is kind of like a shoujo manga if both characters were of the male variety. This is definitely not like HARDCORE or anything.

The story they provide here is pretty good not just a bunch of filler between love scenes. It is the story of Katsura, a boy on the archery team who needs a bit of help before each tournament. The help he needs is a hug from the team’s captain and his brother’s best friend Sou. However neither Katsura or Sou know why exactly he needs this…

There is also a love triangle which involves none other than a trusted friend and fellow teammate named Kouichi.

Katsura doesn’t understand what he is feeling but he thinks he is falling in love with Sou.

Put Out By: June

Where to buy: Just Manga, Amazon

You will like it if you like: Mild Yaoi, Cute Boys

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Rozen Maiden #1

rageofhitsugaya requested I put this review up and he drew me an awesome picture!!

oh yeah and it has the most votes on my crunchy roll right now!!!!~

Rozen Maiden is brought to you by Peach – Pit so that right there if you have read or even seen any of they’re any stuff you know that this manga will be funny and well drawn.

In Rozen Maiden we are first introduced to Jun Sakurada, a boy who dislikes the world around him and really only enjoys collecting strange stuff he buys off the internet.  However one day he gets a package he never remembers ordering  : A beautiful doll.

Jun turns the crank on the side of the doll and to his suprise he gets slapped by her!!

He later learns that this doll is named Shinku and she is a special doll called a alice doll , Shinku tells Jun that he is now her slave and she will be living at his house with him and his sister from now on.

Together Jun and Shinku go between his world and hers and have a couple adventures that you will just have to read about !! trust me it’s good stuff… haha

Sorry the review isn’t longer but everyone says they think there is to much to read so THE END

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Where to buy: Tokyo Pop, Just Manga

You will like it if you like: Paranormal, Pretty Dolls, Gothic Lolita, Good Manga (hee hee)

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OOO I love advertising!!~

I took a friend on crunchy roll’s advise and Adervertised my butt off on crunchy roll last night haha and you know what it worked! I got the most ever hits in one day and the day is still going!~

To everyone that stopped by and stops by today… You are greatly appriciated I hope you like the site atleast a little bit 🙂 Maybe even enough to drop by as part of a daily or weekly blog check !!~


oh and by the way feel free to leave comments  you don’t have to sign in or anything!~

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