Rozen Maiden #1

rageofhitsugaya requested I put this review up and he drew me an awesome picture!!

oh yeah and it has the most votes on my crunchy roll right now!!!!~

Rozen Maiden is brought to you by Peach – Pit so that right there if you have read or even seen any of they’re any stuff you know that this manga will be funny and well drawn.

In Rozen Maiden we are first introduced to Jun Sakurada, a boy who dislikes the world around him and really only enjoys collecting strange stuff he buys off the internet.  However one day he gets a package he never remembers ordering  : A beautiful doll.

Jun turns the crank on the side of the doll and to his suprise he gets slapped by her!!

He later learns that this doll is named Shinku and she is a special doll called a alice doll , Shinku tells Jun that he is now her slave and she will be living at his house with him and his sister from now on.

Together Jun and Shinku go between his world and hers and have a couple adventures that you will just have to read about !! trust me it’s good stuff… haha

Sorry the review isn’t longer but everyone says they think there is to much to read so THE END

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Where to buy: Tokyo Pop, Just Manga

You will like it if you like: Paranormal, Pretty Dolls, Gothic Lolita, Good Manga (hee hee)

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4 thoughts on “Rozen Maiden #1

  1. rageofhitsugaya says:

    hahaha! special mention huh? thanks for this review! I’ve actually watched the anime and the animation is really impressive! I don’t care if it has dolls as main characters, but the storyline is really amazing =) good job on the review ^_^

  2. thepoop says:

    tee hee 🙂 yup cuz um your special! or something…
    and thanks for the praise haha

  3. rageofhitsugaya says:

    hahaha xD thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. thepoop says:

    Ok I feel like this conversation could go on forever with us giving compliments back and forth or something haha

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