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So every love story has problems right? Well in Rin alot seem to  come up in the second book…

First we have a chapter purely about hanging out with your new boyfriend and how it can get a bit akward (hee hee) It is a kind of funny and sweet chapter… the kind I like the best 🙂

Then it is off to training camp. Sou and Katsura’s btother have retired from the Archery club. leaving Katsura and Sou’s rival in love Kouichi in charge. So the two of them lead the training camp and are left alone alot making it hard for Katsura after what has happened between them…

Katsura doesn’t have much time to think about it though as he has to figure out how to get better at archery. He is feeling more and more insecure about his archery abilities. To try and and cheer him up Kouichi gives Katsura a big hug by a tree out in the forest only to be seen at the wrong moment by Sou, who had just arrived.Feeling Jealous Sou tries to use to much force on Katsura and gets rejected!!

In the last chapter of book two Katsura turns to Kouchi for help but ends up making up with Sou. There is also another mini fight between Katsura and another team member.

So I hope that wasn’t too wordy 🙂 and I hope it helped you learn more about a good series!~

Put out by : June

Places to buy: Amazon , Just Manga

Rated : YA (16+)


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