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Love Strip ( Warning Smut) Final Chapter

Lavish Love Strip

We come to our couple named Yamagi and Hamano and they are wearing …matching sweaters??

of course these two can’t seem to leave there clothing on for any long period of time! but they do go back on again after they have some fun with no clothes on.

After awhile they take a break from studying and go check out their future high school! Once again however Yamagi has alterior motives! doesn’t he ALWAYS?? So they do what they always do but this time in the school they hope to attend!

After a little while Hamano says she does’t really want to go to that high school she is only going because Yamagi is going. So Yamagi tells her to skip the exams but then he shows up in drag to take her place!!

In the end she takes the test however and passses! so they get to be together! yey! the end!~


Love Strip (Warning Smut) Story #2

Doting Love Strip!~

The Further Adventures of Yamagi and Hamano!!~ 🙂

The promise made during summer vacation has still been left unfulfilled leaving Yamagi feeling a bit … crancky. However this day looks like it will finally be the day!

Once again I will leave the next couple scenes to your imagination until you read it!~  After the first time it becomes hard for Hamano to study as her mind is filled with thoughts of Yamagi and what they have done.

Now they are determined to go to high school together so it is study study study!!  Or is it? Well Yamagi finds a … unique way of helping Hamano learn english and wants her to try and translate the phrases for next time. She figures out what they mean the next day at the library and who should drop by but her ex-boyfriend!

From what I learned last time.. he is a total sleaze! ew ew ew!!~ After they have a chat Yamagi randomly decides to stop by Hamano’s school? for some reason… just to see her I guess? He does some pervy things in front of the class and she can’t see because he took her glasses! Wow… some boyfriend she has there. He does it to prove a point but I think it’s a bit disturbing. So now everyone in her school knows they are together!

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Love Strip (warning smut) Story 1

Pure Love Strip:

So this manga is broken down into three stories. Story one is about Hamano and Yamagi. The two go to the same cram school but Yamagi is a bully towards Hamano. After all the work they put into getting in Hamano is not on the list and they end up going to different schools. One day Hamano’s mother hired her a tutor… who just happens to be Yamagi 🙂 Let the “fun” begin:

Yamagi tells Hamano that she will apply to the same school as him and she will not fail to get in like she did in junior high! What will be there binding contract? why a kiss of course! So the study sessions begin:

So the game begins! I think you know where this is heading. It is like a game of strip poker only Hamano gets to wear as much as she wants and she takes a piece off if she gets a question wrong, Yamagi does if she gets one right. So she decks herself out so she can barely move … but she is not so smart.  For the sake of younger readers I will skip the next part you will have to read it!~ but since I feel more girls read this type of manga I will give you this:

Ok so now that I have skipped a good 10 pages… Ok so Hamano’s mother walks in on them at an inconvient  time leaving Yamagi to quick put his shirt on… backwards. After the ordeal Hamano can only think of Yamagi. What are his feelings towards her exactly?

Yamagi visits Hamano’s school to ask about her old boyfriend. He finds out EXACTLY what he wants to know and gets very excited! hee hee Hamano however comes in at exactly the wrong moment and thinks Yamagi has a girlfriend!! Hamano’s classmate goes so far as to insult her infront of Yamagi but he defends her in front of her classmates!~ In the end Yamagi confesses his feelings:

Mangaka: Mayu Shinjo

Place to read: Redmadness.com Forum

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Rozen Maiden #2

ok I should write this today huh? haha


These books are so crazy! ~ Now there is a second doll Hinaichigo who is living with a girl named Tomoe. She tells Shinku that the alice games are about to begin! But during this time Jun has become distant from the world, speaking to no one and reluctant to even get out of bed…

Hinainchigo however seems to be a much different kind of doll and takes control over her master pulling her into the mirror world! Do not fret however for it is SHINKU TO THE RESCUE!!~

This leads to a fight between the two! Fights with toys and name calling 🙂 In the end Hinaichigo comes to live at Jun’s house and Nori is happy to have another cute doll living with them!

Jun however is NOT pleased to have two dolls in the house now…There is also another mini battle with Suigitoh but it doesn’t really have a good or bad outcome.

There are alot of funny little side things that happen in between the fighting just like in the first book.

Then ANOTHER doll is introduced: Suiseiseki  (my favorite!!~) You learn that she has a twin who has been kidnapped and she needs help getting her back!

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Rated: T (13+)

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