Rozen Maiden #2

ok I should write this today huh? haha


These books are so crazy! ~ Now there is a second doll Hinaichigo who is living with a girl named Tomoe. She tells Shinku that the alice games are about to begin! But during this time Jun has become distant from the world, speaking to no one and reluctant to even get out of bed…

Hinainchigo however seems to be a much different kind of doll and takes control over her master pulling her into the mirror world! Do not fret however for it is SHINKU TO THE RESCUE!!~

This leads to a fight between the two! Fights with toys and name calling 🙂 In the end Hinaichigo comes to live at Jun’s house and Nori is happy to have another cute doll living with them!

Jun however is NOT pleased to have two dolls in the house now…There is also another mini battle with Suigitoh but it doesn’t really have a good or bad outcome.

There are alot of funny little side things that happen in between the fighting just like in the first book.

Then ANOTHER doll is introduced: Suiseiseki  (my favorite!!~) You learn that she has a twin who has been kidnapped and she needs help getting her back!

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Rated: T (13+)

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5 thoughts on “Rozen Maiden #2

  1. Kitsune says:

    Taro Aso would be pleased 😛

  2. rageofhitsugaya says:

    Haha, Suiseiseki is really gorgeous looking. she’s the tallest among the dolls too right? ^_^

  3. thepoop says:

    @kitsune : I knew he liked manga but was rozen maiden one of them??
    @ Hitsugaya : hmmm I do think that Suiseiseki is the tallest yup yup! I love her adorable outfit and her two colored eyes!

  4. Kitsune says:

    One of the nicknames of Taro Aso is Rozen Aso because he was once spotted with that manga 😛

  5. thepoop says:

    yeah! i leaned something new today!! 🙂

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