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Stray Little Devil #2

When I wrote my last review it was a really short one!~

Sorry about that stuff did happen in book 1 but I guess you will have to read it to find out what that is 🙂

Book 2 however I will Shed some light on! So we have Pam the girl who fell into hell and she now attends devil school.  She now has two partners who she will be training with named Raim and Vine. Raim is a Loud and Aggressive girl whereas Vine is a more quite and reserved girl. Together they must pass tests to become full fledged devils!

Pam also has a really cool and funny familiar named Zu. Sometimes he is a lion/bird hybrid and he also has a human form. He is quite strong and can help but can’t seem to hold his human form for very long.

There are also classes she must take and so there are some interesting devil teachers.  for example : Buer is a lion head with 4 legs, i coming out on each side.

In this book you will also get insight into the personalities of the three girls and a bit of background on them. Such as Vine’s family history and a lot about why she acts the way she does. You also find out that they are attending the school that he is the master of 🙂

You also learn about the history of the demon world which is helpful because just like Pam we are learning all of these things for the first time!~

Last but not least to become a full fledged devil Pam needs a job so she becomes a waitress at Restaurant Ziggurat part time. It is a bit hard getting a job there as there is another business they have to compete against… an angel restaurant!!

put out by: dr master

you can buy it at : amazon , just manga

rated: 13+