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Rose Hip Rose #1

The start of a new manga. I read this manga last summer and at first I thought I was going to hate it. However I was very surprised when it really grabbed my attention and held on tight!

This is the kind of manga I normally can’t get into, a gore filled detective manga with panty shots littered about. Somehow it ended up being a really good manga though.

Anyhow the story goes like this Kyoji is a police officer who is kind of a “loose cannon”. He is looking to avange the death of his sister Kasumi, who was in a hotel when it was blown up! He doesn’t know but he is about to get a partner…

Who is this partner you ask? Kasumi Asakura, a high school girl and a former member of the terrorist group ALICE. ALICE just happens to be responsible for the death of Kyoji’s sister and they are both out to stop the group from taking any more lives.

On the surface Kasumi may seem to be a normal high school girl but she is much more than that. She is a very skilled killer. Trained by ALICE she now uses her skills for good and wants to help avenge her past. She only uses rubber bullets because she doesn’t want to kill anyone ever again!

Introduction complete 🙂 Review of book 2 is soon to come though so stay tuned!

Mangaka: Tohru Fujisawa

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Places to buy: Amazon , Just Manga

Rating: OT (16+)

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Some anime songs to help you have fun…

here are some songs from nana! hopefully they will make your day… or something 🙂

Nana : Lucy

Nana : Rose

So there you go a bit of Japanese Punk haha