Bloody Kiss chapter 1

A story about vampires that is not vampire Knight??

It is true!~

Kiyo wants to move into the house her Grandmother left her but it is falling apart and may be HAUNTED!! In the mess of blood and bats she finds appears a man… A vampire to be exact! She gets bitten a little bit but she proves to be tougher than she looks!!

We find out that the vampire is named Kuroboshi and he also has a servant, another vampire named Alsh. Kiyo’s grandmother was letting them live there. However Kiyo is thinking she might demolish the house and Kuroboshi doesn’t want this so he tries to convince her to keep the mansion.

you learn that a vampire can only have one “bride” or person he takes blood from and he doesn’t mature until he finds that one person. It would seem that both vampires want Kiyo to be there bride however!~ Kiyo doesn’t exactly think she will be vampire food anytime soon though!

Kiyo must return to the world of the living however in the form of school. She tells Kuroboshi to stay at home but of course he follows her to school and makes all the girls jealous of Kiyo.There Kuroboshi learns that Kiyo has no parents and has been living with a relative till just recently!

After sharing a bit of herself Kiyo feels closer to Kuroboshi. She decides to cook for him but it doesn’t turn out the way she planned. He decides to eat her burnt offerings howver because they are for him. In the end he doesn’t get to eat it because Alsh shows up and ate them. hee hee!

In the end of  the chapter we get to see if Kiyo will let herself become Kuroboshi’s bride!

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