Stray Little Devil #3

Middle Book!

Pam is now a waitress because she needs a job in order to become a full fledged devil! We learn fast that just because Pam is at work that does not mean that she will not get into trouble! Pam’s familiar Zu is in a battle against angels and Pam suddenly faints at work! She helps Zu without even realizing it however and saves the day!

After that battle the girls decide to take a trip to the beach for some time off. However there fun interrupted when a girl from school uhleashes a giant squid and a giant octopus!! Her plan backfires however when the giant squid wants her to become his bride! haha

Than we have some more battles pitting Pam against various classmates. It seems like Pam isn’t very mean or devious or anything I think of when I think of devils but she is getting closer to her goal of becoming one.

This book proved to be very funny and quite entertaining. I have only read this series through once but that is because it took me FOREVER to find the last 2 books. That always seems to happen to me. However Borders usually seems to carry this series and you can find them online 🙂

Mangaka: Kotaro Mori

Put out by : Dr Master

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