Rose Hip Zero #2

More Cop Action!! haha 🙂

Our heros are ready for a show down against ALICE! alot of otehr pepole however want to know about Kasumi’s involvement in ALICE and why she doesn’t remember anything about it! Was she a special government created killing machine?

So finally we get a big fight full of awesomeness and lasting for roughly the middle portion of this second book! ALICE has kidnapped the assistant comminshiner and are going to execute him! They take out Kyojji fairly quickly and it is up to Kasumi to get the job done!! She goes in with all her skill and almost comes out dead. Kyoji comes to her aid but can they both make it out alive?

Mangaka: Tohru Fujisawa

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Where to buy: Amazon, Just Manga

Rated: OT (16+)

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