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Rozen Maiden #3

To tell you the truth when I put this up as a option to vote for on my page i only had books 1-3 so this gave me an excuse to go manga shopping! haha… like I needed one!

Anyhow so after this the books will be fresh in my mind and not read last year so we will see how the new reviews go!

So the 3rd rozen maiden book.

Are you ready for ANOTHER new doll? Hopefully you are because Suiseiseki has a twin! A tomboy looking doll named Souseiseki. Similar names very different looks. Suiseiseki is on a quest and will stop at nothing to find her beloved twin sister.

Suiseiseki and Shinku go inside of Jun’s dream world to help strengthen him and his inner tree. The tree within him is very little and covered with weeds it needs to grow for him to grow as a person! By the way… I can never seem to get used to the cuteness of these dolls…

When we finally find Souseiseki we find out that all is not well between these sisters. Souseiseki has found a master and the one she works for now is on an opposing side! The master Souseiseki found wants both of the gardner dolls and so the battle begins. Will Suiseiseki join her sister or stay with jun and the other new friends she has made??

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Rating: T (13+)

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