Bloody Kiss Chapter 2

So the characters make breakfast and in there morning conversation they get you up to speed in what happened last chapter. If you will recall Kuroboshi made Kiyo his bride. By bride in this scenario we mean the only girl he can drink blood from.Also from this breakfast we learn that Kiyo is no better at cooking than she was in the first chapter…

So these 3 (Kiyo, Kuroboshi, and Alsh) need to figure out what they will do about there current situation! They have no money, no food, and a house that is about to fall down.So Kiyo decides to get a job but … it is at a dangerous seedy night club and so she may just need some rescueing!

Kuroboshi tells Kiyo not to go to work there anymore but she really needs money so she doesn’t quit. Instead Kuroboshi insists on coming along with her to work so he can keep an eye on her. Since Kuroboshi is so good looking he gets hit on by the waitresses and Kiyo gets a bit jealous! One of the girls pushes Kiyo and she ends up hurting her leg… Of course Kuroboshi is right there to help her.

Kiyo decides that she will still not quit her job so either Kurobohi or Alsh wait for her to get off work then pick her up and walk her home. Her work makes her sleepy and weak but she keeps doing it anyhow. One day on her way home a guy almost stabs her but Kuroboshi steps in and gets stabbed instead!

To help him heal faster Kiyo ends up helping him the best way she can… WITH HER BLOOD 🙂 However after that time it seems that Kuroboshi thinks he can take it from her whenever he feels it nessasarry.

After Kuroboshi takes blood Kiyo feels strange. Is she starting to develop feelings towards Kuroboshi??

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