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Stray Little Devil #4

With this being the second to last book things are starting to get very crazy.  We have a round of bathtime and Pam has a crazy dreams of the human world and the angel girl Ranka.The second chapter proves just as crazy as the first with a strange story about the teachers at Pam’s school.

This manga around this point begins to be more about the fight between angels and devils and less about the funny. Devils and Angels have been fighting each other forever but the fighting has been on the back burner for awhile and now everything seems to be starting up again! Pam needs to help the devil kingdom but can she fight against Linfa?

Do you like my cliffhanger??

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Rose Hip Zero #3

With our two heroes getting ready to fight there first battle together they have no idea just what this battle holds. We get to see the relationship between Kasumi and some of the ALICE members. In flashbacks it makes it apparent just how much relationships have changed between this once tight, almost family like bond.

The one behind most of the happenings in ALICE is Zero and now he is fighting this battle face to face against Kasumi and Kido. He decides who lives and who dies in the game he has set up. Sometimes the ones he believes should die are his own ALICE members! Zero seems to be a monster with no hint of a conscience. What will happen to him when he decides to put holes in Katsumi’s partner??

Only 2 books left! See you next time!

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