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bloody kiss chapter 3

When we left off Kiyo was having Trouble with her feelings towards Kuroboshi. Now we jump in with …. Gardening?

Our group spends some time in the garden and and of course things end up getting a bit CRAZY. Crazy but at the same time evgeryone seems to have fun.

After our little garden scene it is back to school. At school it is time for the school dance and also time for Kiyo to stand up for a fellow classmate. In all of the mess Kiyo becomes class officer to help another student who doesn’t want to do it. Her first job is to plan the school dance! Then she gets a special visitor : Kuroboshi !

The theme of this year’s dance party: Kiyo hooking up her friend. Kiyo decideds that couples will exchange roses because her new friend has always dreamed of doing this. Kiyo puts all her time and enegy into making this dance great. She makes tons of paper flowers and even remembers a memory from her past about roses and kuroboshi.

Before the dance Kiyo’s friend and the boy she wanted to go to the dance with get in a fight.Kiyo’s relationship with Kuroboshi seems to be going well however. The two of them seem to be getting closer and closer. So Kiyo’s roses were ruined but Kuroboshi comes in to save the day!

In the end Kuroboshi takes Kiyo to the dance and she looks BEAUTIFUL!! This chapter just fully proves these two were made for each other. They need to hurry up and fall in love already!

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