Bloody Kiss Chapter 4

Time for More Vampires and the girl they live with.

So we have more Romance/Comedy/Vampire Stuff as we do in each and every chapter of this manga. By the way you know that you can read this online at ONE MANGA right?

Anyhow so what we have here is a way to start the day off right. MORNING EXERCISE! WOO HOO!! only I think it is the kind old people in Japan do… Radio Exercize..

It seems when Kiyo is at school she is extremely missed. What could be done to remedy that? She could skip school. OR Kuroboshi could start school!! Kiyo of course DOES NOT want this to happen! School is her only time alone from the two vampires that live at her house. Of course the vampires always seem to get there way.

Kuroboshi starts school as a new student and Alsh as the new school doctor. Through the power of suggestion Kuroboshi shows that he is a force to be reconed with.Altough a fellow student sees Kuroboshi useing his strange charms and gets angry with KIYO? The classmate challeges Kiyo and Kuroboshi to a duel and Kuroboshi accepts for both of them.

Kiyo gets angry at Kuroboshi and then even more angry when he tries to suck her blood at school. She tells him to just go home. Kuroboshi being the vampire he is, however, doesn’t go home and intsead decides what the school challenge will be. The challege is Tennisand Kiyo really thinks Kuroboshi should practice with her. Little does she know Kuroboshi is just like a pro!

Kuroboshi and Kiyo are getting closer and closer despite how much Kiyo wants to distance herself from these new creatures she has met. The game is just more time that they spent together and it brings them to a new level and Kiyo has to figure out what she is feeling. How will the match go and how will it go between Kiyo and Kuroboshi? Read it…you know you want to! 🙂

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