Square Enix Yuffie


Let me introduce you to a figure I got last friday 🙂 It is yuffie of FF7/ Advent Children.


As you can plainly see this is the Advent Children Version. I prefer this costume.

What is your preference. Hopefully you are not saying Tifa right now…


This is how big she is in comparison to my cat Tasha’s Head.

Oh btw, I strongly dislike the base she came with 😛


So there you have it. A very brief review type thing of Yuffie.

So Pros:

Nice Face detail

Only $20 when I bought her

Nice clothing detail


And Cons

Freaky joints

Crappy base

Her foot already fell off and I had to re-attach it

6 thoughts on “Square Enix Yuffie

  1. shino says:

    I prefer the AC version of Yuffie as well, actually, I prefer the whole cast in AC mode ^^; Which is kinda odd since I’m not normally one for realism if there’s a cartoony version available. Never was a fan of action figures though, I’m just friggin unbelievably bad at posing them. Heheh.

  2. kanzeon says:

    OMG there’s a cute cat on the third picture!
    Lol I got distracted by that XD… I love Yuffie. She’s my third fave FF7 character after Tifa and Reno.

  3. thepoop says:

    @ Shino – I think I prefer the AC versions of everyone too because they are more up to date with the style of FF. Their old clothes were a bit too plain.

    @Kanezon – Yes that is one of my 3 cats. Her name is Tasha 🙂 I can’t understand the appeal of Tifa at all, but Reno is my favorite FF 7 character.

  4. Kitsune says:

    Pros: I see a kitty!

    Cons: I don’t see a full picture of a kitty!


  5. thepoop says:

    haha maybe I should post more cat pictures 🙂

  6. ffviiknight says:

    The appeal of Tifa comes from her chest. Well, for most fan(boy)s at least…

    I saw something similar to this at Otakon but opted not to buy it due to its plain base (and it’s not Rei).

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