Bloody Kiss Chapter 5

It’s Coming to an End… well… one more chapter after this…

Kiyo and her vampire roommates are still making me laugh and enjoy this manga. In this manga chapter we are introduced to a new character. His name is Sou and he is an exchange student who saves Kiyo….from a fake haunted house ghost.Much to her suprise she knows this ghost hunter boy! He was always a weaking being protected by Kiyo as a lad and now he has trained in the mountains to become stronger. Now Kiyo has two boys who want her love and we want to know : who will she choose? (because it’s totally not obvious)Anyhow, Sou has a sword that responds to ghosts and spirits and things of that nature so it responds to Kuroboshi.  So we move onto the haunted house and everyone is all dressed up with Kiyo the witch, Sou the Mummy and Kuroboshi and Alsh… THE VAMPIRES! So know the only thing on Kiyo’s mind is protecting Kuroboshi’s secret. She will do this at any cost even hurting Kuroboshi’s feelings and in the end it doesn’t work so well. So do you want to know what else happens this chapter?? You can read it at

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2 thoughts on “Bloody Kiss Chapter 5

  1. kanzeon says:

    OMG just finished reading this chapter. I love this manga very much ^_^

  2. thepoop says:

    it’s so great! I like it the best out of all of the vampire manga I have read. 🙂 Glad to know someone else out there likes it too!

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