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Spotlight : Buono!

I thought I would post some Buono!

to cheer up everyone’s day!!

1. Kiss Kiss Kiss

2. Gachinko de Ikou

3. Renai Rider

4. Rottra Rottra

Honey and Clover Vol 1 Chapter 1


Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life

Honey and Clover and I began one rainy day when I had nothing to do but read shojo beat. I started collecting shojo beat with issue no.1, because of NANA and once I start something I can’t stop. So this leads me to finding the gem that is Honey and Clover.

Honey and Clover starts out by introducing us to our main group of boys. These 3 boys are Morita, Mayama and my personal favorite Takemoto Yuta. All 3 boys are collage students who are living together and trying to get by. They never have enough to eat and get especially excited when there is meat to eat but most of the time it is too expensive. Morita is the craziest of the 3 and he shows his true colors right in this first chapter! Prepare to laugh  very hard at the efforts to wake him up for class. GOLDEN!

We also get introduced to my other favorite character in this first chapter : Hagumi “Hagu” Hanamoto. A very cute, tiny artistic prodigy. Oh she is just too cute for words! Of course Yuta falls for Hagu right off the bat. Who wouldn’t I ask?? WHO!!?? (sorry I am very hyper right now) Morita also seems to have strong feelings for our little Hagu.. but I am not so sure what those feelings are….

haha.. you should totally read this. awesome!



picture for 12/21

Merry Christmas. (ALMOST)

I played with my camera today and took random pictures of … ME!



I hope that wasn’t to scary… Read the next to posts for new manga reviews!

Shinshoku Kiss Volume 2 chapters 1 & 2


Kotoko is getting along with Takuto are getting along much better recently, even to the point where Takuto wants to get head rubs from Kotoko. However Kotoko’s boss “Fool” a.k.a. Yuta wants her to get back to work. Her next job is to find a street poet named Kenta Ezaki who may or may not be in a park…

Insead she finds a man named Fuyu who happens to know Takuto and Yuta. Fuyu says that he will help Kotoko and Takto look for the street Poet. They check the internet but it says his website hasn’t been updated in 6 months. Just then a man starts chasing them calling Fuyu his sensei..

Fuyu beings Kotoko to another place where another man is who also calls Fuyu his sensei. Now Kotoko is quite intersted and wants to know just what kind of sensei he is! We find that he is a poet of songs and the poem he recites actually hurts kotoko.

It turns out the person who lives here is a friend of Kenta, the poet they are looking for. MAGICALLY he shows up!! (and runs away)  Turns out that he thought they belonged to the collector’s agency or something like that so that is why he ran. Plus he doesn’t wat to model for the doll. He is another person who has seen “star” and it destroyed his career!! Now it is up to Kotoko and the others to revive his career. ( WOO HOO)




A few days worth of pictures


Wow I have been gone from blogging for about 3 days now.

One day I took this picture of Tasha. On the Toilet..

cossette-006For Inventaory Reasons I took pictures of all my manga.

Here is a look at one of them. My disgaea manga.


the daily picture 12/13

So my little cats LOVE the tub… when there is no water in it.


St. Lunatic Vol 1 ch. 3

We join up with Niko as she is being saved from tiny cat demons by… a kangaroo??

But who is this kangaroo? I mean man in a kagaroo costume.

Meanwhile there is someone who wants Ren to help them find someone. This someone is making particularly crazy demands. So it turns out *SURPRISE* that the kangaroo man is making the demands and they will be given to him IF he can safely escape the school grounds. What must they escape? Tiny cats and Ren!

Kangaroo man gets beat up a bit but Niko treats his wounds. In return Niko gets a cute smile and kind words. Cute time is cut short however, by ANGRY REN! Why is Ren so angry at Niko?? Well… he’s not. He is angry at Kangaroo Man! Wait… did he just cal him DAD???










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ok. so I am trying to get my picture taking skills back up to some level of goodness. I have been lacking lately…

So I will now be posting a picture everyday. We shall call them PODs  (picture of the day)

First up we have : My desk area


You will note my ChuraChuram figure, my calender and my use of livestock 🙂

St. Lunatic Vol. 1 chapter 2

So where did we leave off many moons ago? Ah yes! So our main character Niko was saved from falling out a window by the rather cute Ren. However because of all that happened with the flowers Niko and her brother now have no income. So with no money that means no food for the pair and their tummy’s tell the whole world that they are HUNGRY! After Niko leaves the class due to her tummy noises she runs into Ren. As a rare act of kindness Ren says he will share his lunch but it is full of eyeballs and tentacles so Niko hits it away and it falls in a pool…

Niko’s brother At-chan is ALSO very hungry and faints from hunger. He requests fish to eat so Niko goes fishing. Niko sees a huge Fish tail right off the bat and gets super excited, but all she can catch is trash. She gets a super strong pull on her line and Ren appears out of nowhere to help her but all she catches is a classmate!

In the end her BIG FISH is a … mermaid?

Not just any mermaid however, she is the school nurse and she is in love with Ren. For all the fishing she does she only ends up with one tiny fish, but to her suprise when she returns her brother is full… He got a getwell gift from the schools chairman and ends up keeping the little fish as a pet. 🙂

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