Daily Archives: December 5, 2008

PLENAIR – Disgaea Series


YEY! Plenair and her shark  AND her bunny! It just makes me so happy!


We had been looking for a plenair figure and didn’t actually know any exsisted.


It has since been brought to my attention that there are OTHER Plenair Figures!


I have also learned that not a whole lot of people know what Disgaea is!! *tear*


Over all… IT IS LOVE… no not really but she is a very nice figure

We got her for $45  but I don’t know how much she is online.

If you d=find her I would HIGHLY recommend her. Very PURDY.

Do you have songs that make you feel tingly??

ok so this is the most random post ever… but do you have those songs that just have something magical about them?

I definitely do..

because I love to share I will share some of them with you :

KIMDRACULA (deftones)

For Me This is Heaven (jimmy eat world)

The Shining (Badly Drawn Boy) *don’t let the longish intro fool you keep listening*

First day of my life (Bright Eyes)

Everlong (Foo Fighters)

…. i guess i am a sucker for slow songs…