St. Lunatic Vol. 1 chapter 2

So where did we leave off many moons ago? Ah yes! So our main character Niko was saved from falling out a window by the rather cute Ren. However because of all that happened with the flowers Niko and her brother now have no income. So with no money that means no food for the pair and their tummy’s tell the whole world that they are HUNGRY! After Niko leaves the class due to her tummy noises she runs into Ren. As a rare act of kindness Ren says he will share his lunch but it is full of eyeballs and tentacles so Niko hits it away and it falls in a pool…

Niko’s brother At-chan is ALSO very hungry and faints from hunger. He requests fish to eat so Niko goes fishing. Niko sees a huge Fish tail right off the bat and gets super excited, but all she can catch is trash. She gets a super strong pull on her line and Ren appears out of nowhere to help her but all she catches is a classmate!

In the end her BIG FISH is a … mermaid?

Not just any mermaid however, she is the school nurse and she is in love with Ren. For all the fishing she does she only ends up with one tiny fish, but to her suprise when she returns her brother is full… He got a getwell gift from the schools chairman and ends up keeping the little fish as a pet. 🙂

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