St. Lunatic Vol 1 ch. 3

We join up with Niko as she is being saved from tiny cat demons by… a kangaroo??

But who is this kangaroo? I mean man in a kagaroo costume.

Meanwhile there is someone who wants Ren to help them find someone. This someone is making particularly crazy demands. So it turns out *SURPRISE* that the kangaroo man is making the demands and they will be given to him IF he can safely escape the school grounds. What must they escape? Tiny cats and Ren!

Kangaroo man gets beat up a bit but Niko treats his wounds. In return Niko gets a cute smile and kind words. Cute time is cut short however, by ANGRY REN! Why is Ren so angry at Niko?? Well… he’s not. He is angry at Kangaroo Man! Wait… did he just cal him DAD???










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