Shinshoku Kiss Volume 2 chapters 1 & 2


Kotoko is getting along with Takuto are getting along much better recently, even to the point where Takuto wants to get head rubs from Kotoko. However Kotoko’s boss “Fool” a.k.a. Yuta wants her to get back to work. Her next job is to find a street poet named Kenta Ezaki who may or may not be in a park…

Insead she finds a man named Fuyu who happens to know Takuto and Yuta. Fuyu says that he will help Kotoko and Takto look for the street Poet. They check the internet but it says his website hasn’t been updated in 6 months. Just then a man starts chasing them calling Fuyu his sensei..

Fuyu beings Kotoko to another place where another man is who also calls Fuyu his sensei. Now Kotoko is quite intersted and wants to know just what kind of sensei he is! We find that he is a poet of songs and the poem he recites actually hurts kotoko.

It turns out the person who lives here is a friend of Kenta, the poet they are looking for. MAGICALLY he shows up!! (and runs away)  Turns out that he thought they belonged to the collector’s agency or something like that so that is why he ran. Plus he doesn’t wat to model for the doll. He is another person who has seen “star” and it destroyed his career!! Now it is up to Kotoko and the others to revive his career. ( WOO HOO)




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