My Sucky Teen Romance

So my weekend went a bit different than I had planned. In the beginning of the week I thought it was going to be a time to hang out with my best friend. We were going to plan costumes for the upcoming anime convention.

Later I found out my family wanted to come up for a visit. We haven’t seen them since New Year’s, so our plans changed. In all events I saw them for about 4 hours as I had to work both days they were here. No big deal I suppose as they want to see my son mostly, and they will return next weekend. Finally, it looked like my friend was going to come over last night, but in the end he projectile vomited on someone at work…..  So I watched a movie and had Lee Ann Chin instead. That’s my weekend in a nutshell. Now here’s a movie review:

quite sucky indeed

quite sucky indeed

Last week I watched two low budget vampire movies. I wanted to like them both, but just couldn’t really get into either of them. The first and less horrendous of the 2 was “My Sucky Teen Romance”. This one actually had a few things going for it that I kind of liked! The pros to this movie were as follows: 1. It didn’t take its self too seriously 2.The female protagonist was cute 3.It made me laugh a couple times 4. I liked the name and title sequence a lot

plus I suppose I like that it didn’t have a standard “hollywood type” happy ending (sort of)

However I feel that the cons far out numbered the pros. Shall we have a look see? WE SHALL!

1.The acting 2. The main bad vampire was going by the name of “Edward” 3.The TEETH 4. The girl who gets murdered is named Nancy Drew (WHY??)

Ok so they both have 4 things in their column. So we are going to call this movie a tie. Can a movie be a tie? 

Well It can at least be a 3 out of 5 stars which is what I will give this. Not totally painful to watch, but I never want to have to watch it again.  

So I hope for my first movie review this wasn’t complete shit.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more!

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