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Holy Talker Vol 1 Chapter 1


Shonen, Action. Fantasy

Holy Talker first asks the question… what would happen if you were in the middle of the street and suddenly a demon tried to eat you? I guess same as the girl in this manga hope that someone stepped in to save you, right? Those that save her come from a special school called Seishirayuri school.


Demons are taking over people and causing chaos in the city. The ones who battle the demons are exorcists/ high school students and it seems to take a grerat deal out of them. We have two main characters , they are orphans who have lived together for 10 years and are very close. We have an 8th grade girl named Moegi and a 10th grade guy named Renga. Renga is very overprotective of Moegi and treats her like a younger sister.


Another charcter to be aware of is Chitose he is a strange transfer student and Renga has an eye on him. Of course at the same time Renga must protect his little sister againt every man who glances her way. This also leads to a rumor that Renga is in heat and this is him showing off to attact mates. Who started the rumor? None other than another member of Renga’s group, a 10th grader named Suou. Suou and another 8th grader named Noshime round out the group.


Suou tells Renga that there is a demon in the school and that it has been attacking students since the day before. Renga thought he had already caught said demon … however that would not seem to be the case.


So now they must find the demon, but before they even start looking they find out how he is stealing souls! It is with a video camera that he was using to peep at girls!! It seems that in that time span he ate the souls of MANY girls.


Around the same time Moegi flies out a window and when landing falls on Chitose. He has seen her stigmata and he helps her when he faints but just what kind of guy is he? That will have to wait till later! A demon is coming straight for them but Renga shows up to slay the demon with the help of his schoolmates.


This demon proves to be a very powerful foe however and even breaks one of there sacred items. Renga uses his love for Moegi to power up and brings forth a very powerful attack but it doesn’t do much damage. Then the truth about Chitose is revealed…. Would you like to know the truth? You should read Holy Talker then shouldn’t you??

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