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Honey and Clover Vol 1 Chapter 1


Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life

Honey and Clover and I began one rainy day when I had nothing to do but read shojo beat. I started collecting shojo beat with issue no.1, because of NANA and once I start something I can’t stop. So this leads me to finding the gem that is Honey and Clover.

Honey and Clover starts out by introducing us to our main group of boys. These 3 boys are Morita, Mayama and my personal favorite Takemoto Yuta. All 3 boys are collage students who are living together and trying to get by. They never have enough to eat and get especially excited when there is meat to eat but most of the time it is too expensive. Morita is the craziest of the 3 and he shows his true colors right in this first chapter! Prepare to laugh  very hard at the efforts to wake him up for class. GOLDEN!

We also get introduced to my other favorite character in this first chapter : Hagumi “Hagu” Hanamoto. A very cute, tiny artistic prodigy. Oh she is just too cute for words! Of course Yuta falls for Hagu right off the bat. Who wouldn’t I ask?? WHO!!?? (sorry I am very hyper right now) Morita also seems to have strong feelings for our little Hagu.. but I am not so sure what those feelings are….

haha.. you should totally read this. awesome!