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Rose Hip Rose #4


It’s coming to an End soon so I hope you’ve got your fill!

So in this second to last book I hope you are ready for more fighting and blood.


So we now learn about Project Hamlin. A project that ALICE put together which will cleanse and give rebirth to the world as we know it. We do not know what it is but it may have something to do with random angry teens getting guns in the mail. These teens are the kind who are screwed up enough to kill their own mothers and neighbors and go around killing people for things like making bad curry!


The path it leads us down leads to a site called Rose Garden. A site where all you have to do is post a hit list and they will send you a gun. No surprise that ALICE is behind this, however there is a something unexpected going on with ALICE. Kai, one of the members of ALICE that was recently in one of the fights against Kasumi now wants to join up with her to help put a stop to their doings. Kasumi says she is up for the challenge and accepts his offer.

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We see that Kasumi’s days are never normal as she beats up street thugs and then saves a bus from crashing into a mall. After all that they run into another former ALICE member who says she will help them. She however has one condition. They must kill the leader of project hamlin named Kirito. Over dinner (in which the new girl Miho orders tons of food as she talks) Miho tells them what has become of ALICE since Kirito has taken over. While they are eating and talking a crazy guy with a gun shoots into the restaurant and then a piece of a building starts to fall into the street. Kasumi saves a baby and then well the last 2 chapters of this book are pretty much a giant fight!!

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Rose Hip Zero #3

With our two heroes getting ready to fight there first battle together they have no idea just what this battle holds. We get to see the relationship between Kasumi and some of the ALICE members. In flashbacks it makes it apparent just how much relationships have changed between this once tight, almost family like bond.

The one behind most of the happenings in ALICE is Zero and now he is fighting this battle face to face against Kasumi and Kido. He decides who lives and who dies in the game he has set up. Sometimes the ones he believes should die are his own ALICE members! Zero seems to be a monster with no hint of a conscience. What will happen to him when he decides to put holes in Katsumi’s partner??

Only 2 books left! See you next time!

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Rose Hip Zero #2

More Cop Action!! haha 🙂

Our heros are ready for a show down against ALICE! alot of otehr pepole however want to know about Kasumi’s involvement in ALICE and why she doesn’t remember anything about it! Was she a special government created killing machine?

So finally we get a big fight full of awesomeness and lasting for roughly the middle portion of this second book! ALICE has kidnapped the assistant comminshiner and are going to execute him! They take out Kyojji fairly quickly and it is up to Kasumi to get the job done!! She goes in with all her skill and almost comes out dead. Kyoji comes to her aid but can they both make it out alive?

Mangaka: Tohru Fujisawa

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Where to buy: Amazon, Just Manga

Rated: OT (16+)

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Rose Hip Rose #1

The start of a new manga. I read this manga last summer and at first I thought I was going to hate it. However I was very surprised when it really grabbed my attention and held on tight!

This is the kind of manga I normally can’t get into, a gore filled detective manga with panty shots littered about. Somehow it ended up being a really good manga though.

Anyhow the story goes like this Kyoji is a police officer who is kind of a “loose cannon”. He is looking to avange the death of his sister Kasumi, who was in a hotel when it was blown up! He doesn’t know but he is about to get a partner…

Who is this partner you ask? Kasumi Asakura, a high school girl and a former member of the terrorist group ALICE. ALICE just happens to be responsible for the death of Kyoji’s sister and they are both out to stop the group from taking any more lives.

On the surface Kasumi may seem to be a normal high school girl but she is much more than that. She is a very skilled killer. Trained by ALICE she now uses her skills for good and wants to help avenge her past. She only uses rubber bullets because she doesn’t want to kill anyone ever again!

Introduction complete 🙂 Review of book 2 is soon to come though so stay tuned!

Mangaka: Tohru Fujisawa

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Places to buy: Amazon , Just Manga

Rating: OT (16+)

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