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Rozen Maiden #4

Dolls are everywhere now! We started off with one and now there are so many! Can you name them all??

If not that is ok you will hopefully be caught up by the end of this. So we have suiseiseki and souseiseki twins dolls who are fighting and one who is being kidnapped by the other.Now that Suiseiseki has been taken to the Rose Mansion it is up to Jun and his other dolls to go and help her out!

One they get to the mansion after a fairly long trek it is the start of a battle to see what will become of Suiseiseki and Souseiseki’s futures. We also learn about the past of the Mansion’s owner while the fight is going on.This is no small fight and everyone gets a little time to show what they can do. In the end only one half of the twin pair survives!

Side story:

Out of the blue we get a side story that is a look into the world of Jun’s littlest doll Hinaichigo. This is a very cute side story about how Hinaichigo wants to send Jun a letter.

In the last story we are agian introduced to a new doll : Kanaria. She is looking to steal Rosa Mystica’s and trys to get into the house where 3 Rozen Maiden’s just happen to live with Jun. Will she get in? Well if you want to know buy the book… or read my next review 🙂

Mangaka: Peach Pit

Who puts it it out: Tokyo Pop

Where to buy: Just Manga , Amazon

Rated: T (13+)

Rozen Maiden #3

To tell you the truth when I put this up as a option to vote for on my page i only had books 1-3 so this gave me an excuse to go manga shopping! haha… like I needed one!

Anyhow so after this the books will be fresh in my mind and not read last year so we will see how the new reviews go!

So the 3rd rozen maiden book.

Are you ready for ANOTHER new doll? Hopefully you are because Suiseiseki has a twin! A tomboy looking doll named Souseiseki. Similar names very different looks. Suiseiseki is on a quest and will stop at nothing to find her beloved twin sister.

Suiseiseki and Shinku go inside of Jun’s dream world to help strengthen him and his inner tree. The tree within him is very little and covered with weeds it needs to grow for him to grow as a person! By the way… I can never seem to get used to the cuteness of these dolls…

When we finally find Souseiseki we find out that all is not well between these sisters. Souseiseki has found a master and the one she works for now is on an opposing side! The master Souseiseki found wants both of the gardner dolls and so the battle begins. Will Suiseiseki join her sister or stay with jun and the other new friends she has made??

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Rating: T (13+)

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Rozen Maiden #2

ok I should write this today huh? haha


These books are so crazy! ~ Now there is a second doll Hinaichigo who is living with a girl named Tomoe. She tells Shinku that the alice games are about to begin! But during this time Jun has become distant from the world, speaking to no one and reluctant to even get out of bed…

Hinainchigo however seems to be a much different kind of doll and takes control over her master pulling her into the mirror world! Do not fret however for it is SHINKU TO THE RESCUE!!~

This leads to a fight between the two! Fights with toys and name calling 🙂 In the end Hinaichigo comes to live at Jun’s house and Nori is happy to have another cute doll living with them!

Jun however is NOT pleased to have two dolls in the house now…There is also another mini battle with Suigitoh but it doesn’t really have a good or bad outcome.

There are alot of funny little side things that happen in between the fighting just like in the first book.

Then ANOTHER doll is introduced: Suiseiseki  (my favorite!!~) You learn that she has a twin who has been kidnapped and she needs help getting her back!

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Rated: T (13+)

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Rozen Maiden #1

rageofhitsugaya requested I put this review up and he drew me an awesome picture!!

oh yeah and it has the most votes on my crunchy roll right now!!!!~

Rozen Maiden is brought to you by Peach – Pit so that right there if you have read or even seen any of they’re any stuff you know that this manga will be funny and well drawn.

In Rozen Maiden we are first introduced to Jun Sakurada, a boy who dislikes the world around him and really only enjoys collecting strange stuff he buys off the internet.  However one day he gets a package he never remembers ordering  : A beautiful doll.

Jun turns the crank on the side of the doll and to his suprise he gets slapped by her!!

He later learns that this doll is named Shinku and she is a special doll called a alice doll , Shinku tells Jun that he is now her slave and she will be living at his house with him and his sister from now on.

Together Jun and Shinku go between his world and hers and have a couple adventures that you will just have to read about !! trust me it’s good stuff… haha

Sorry the review isn’t longer but everyone says they think there is to much to read so THE END

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Where to buy: Tokyo Pop, Just Manga

You will like it if you like: Paranormal, Pretty Dolls, Gothic Lolita, Good Manga (hee hee)

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