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St. Lunatic Vol 1 ch. 3

We join up with Niko as she is being saved from tiny cat demons by… a kangaroo??

But who is this kangaroo? I mean man in a kagaroo costume.

Meanwhile there is someone who wants Ren to help them find someone. This someone is making particularly crazy demands. So it turns out *SURPRISE* that the kangaroo man is making the demands and they will be given to him IF he can safely escape the school grounds. What must they escape? Tiny cats and Ren!

Kangaroo man gets beat up a bit but Niko treats his wounds. In return Niko gets a cute smile and kind words. Cute time is cut short however, by ANGRY REN! Why is Ren so angry at Niko?? Well… he’s not. He is angry at Kangaroo Man! Wait… did he just cal him DAD???










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More Shinshoku Kiss pictures!

Shinshouku Kiss #1




Shinshouko Kiss Vol. 1


Ok so first of all I bought this manga because the cover was so pretty!

This manga was so crazy that sometimes I didn’t quite understand what was going on at first. The art is so pretty that it gets distracting sometimes. You get caught up in just looking at the pictures…  Anyhow this manga is about a girl named Kotoko Kishiwagi.

Kotoko really wants to be a doll maker and has been making dolls for awhile and even entering her dolls in contests. She has a doll maker that she looks up to more then all the others for inspiration : Fool. His dolls are very well made and stunning to look at. One day she is walking around getting doll inspiration when she sees a beautiful man… eating flowers. Suddenly out of nowhere he kidnaps her and takes her to a place where another man is waiting for her. He tells her that she is going to die and she gets the heck out of there. Sure enough, the next day she feels ill and it gets worse through out the day… Little does she know that one of the men she met yesterday is actually accelerating time in her body! In the middle of a big fight between teh 2 we realize that the man is indeed Fool. The doll maker she has looked up to says he can easily kill her unless she becomes his apprentice.  So she becomes his apprentice and the fun begins:

We get a liitle insight into the people who help Fool with his business in this chapter. Kotoko runs off in a huff and brings a fool doll with her. It then gets taken from her by a dog and her and the two employees search for it in a lake.

THen Kotoko is sent off to visit another Doll maker named Nohara. He lives in a small village and she goes there only to find that he doesn’t make dolls anymore!! She spends time with Nohara learning things here and there and getting more and more curious as to why he quit making dolls.

She finally finds out it has something to do with a doll named Star. Star is Fool’s ultimate masterpiece and if you see it you will feel totally insupirior and your work will have no meaning… After telling her this Nohara goes a bit crazy and tries to kill Kotoko but she stops him by putting the doll they made together in front of him. Then she kisses him.

Nohara- san is gone when she wakes up the next morning and she heads back to Fool’s place.

The last chapter I found kind of boring so I will skip it. More when I review book 2. (sorry but it is later than I thought so I may review this chapter later but I have to go get ready for work)

Put out by: Tokyo Pop

Rated : OT (16+)

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