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The Pictures from Stray Little Devil Final Volume

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Stray Little Devil #5


It’s been a semi – long journey to devildom and there have been many crazy adventures.

Wow do you remember where we left off?? I will re-cap :

Pam is a human turned almost full-fledged devil. With the help of friends, fellow students, and teachers she has come along way from the girl we met at the beginning of the story.ย  She has made her way to this! THE FINAL BOOK!!

Let’s begin shall we, So Linfa the Angel has now become Ishtar, the ruler of the spirit world. Ishtar injures Pam and leaves taking Zu Kun with her. This leaves the schools teachers in the demon world with the task of figuring out what to do..

Now Pam and Liz (her teacher) know the story of how important Pam’s necklace is. However, Pam lost her necklace and has been looking all over for it. This is especially bad since the one who has it is Ishtar herself!! How is this project going to be put into motion? By giving guns to unstable teens. Teens who want to kill thier mothers… so VERY unstable teens. We soon learn that this kid just HAPPENS to go to Kasumi’s school, so while he is on his mini killing spree she is there to put a stop to it!

So know Pam and her devil friends are on a quest to get Linfa back to normal and save Zu kun. The first spot is a sacred and forbidden place within the urnan tree that Pam can only enter because of a her powers. Inside they find a place called E Kua where a man named Remy is holding Zu hostage.

It seems Pam has everything you could want to re-new a world. Zu, Tupsimati, and her grandmother’s powers. A war is beginning and it’s angels vs. devil… Pam is beginning to fight a battle too. One where she is learning not all is as she thougt in the devil world. Ishtar finally gains all of the tupsimati and is stronger then anyone imagined and we all know it is up to Pam to stop her.

One thing Ishtar has gained so far in this battle is Zu. This Zu is much bigger and stranger than ever before and he is doing a lot of damage to everything around him. Ishtar also somehow aquired lackies to do battle against Pam and her friends so that she doesn’t have to do the dirty work. Of course Pam will not be satisfied with minions and heads to fight Ishtar and … Linfa inside Ishtar starts to go crazy. Ishtar and Pam are wisked away to a spirit world and Pam has a conversation with the tupsimati itself.

What will happen in the final battle? What will become of Linfa, Zu and the others??

Put out by : DrMaster

Mangaka: Kotaro Mori

I hope you will look for this manga and read it. It’s AWESOME!

Stray Little Devil #4

With this being the second to last book things are starting to get very crazy.ย  We have a round of bathtime and Pam has a crazy dreams of the human world and the angel girl Ranka.The second chapter proves just as crazy as the first with a strange story about the teachers at Pam’s school.

This manga around this point begins to be more about the fight between angels and devils and less about the funny. Devils and Angels have been fighting each other forever but the fighting has been on the back burner for awhile and now everything seems to be starting up again! Pam needs to help the devil kingdom but can she fight against Linfa?

Do you like my cliffhanger??

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Stray Little Devil #3

Middle Book!

Pam is now a waitress because she needs a job in order to become a full fledged devil! We learn fast that just because Pam is at work that does not mean that she will not get into trouble! Pam’s familiar Zu is in a battle against angels and Pam suddenly faints at work! She helps Zu without even realizing it however and saves the day!

After that battle the girls decide to take a trip to the beach for some time off. However there fun interrupted when a girl from school uhleashes a giant squid and a giant octopus!! Her plan backfires however when the giant squid wants her to become his bride! haha

Than we have some more battles pitting Pam against various classmates. It seems like Pam isn’t very mean or devious or anything I think of when I think of devils but she is getting closer to her goal of becoming one.

This book proved to be very funny and quite entertaining. I have only read this series through once but that is because it took me FOREVER to find the last 2 books. That always seems to happen to me. However Borders usually seems to carry this series and you can find them online ๐Ÿ™‚

Mangaka: Kotaro Mori

Put out by : Dr Master

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Stray Little Devil #2

When I wrote my last review it was a really short one!~

Sorry about that stuff did happen in book 1 but I guess you will have to read it to find out what that is ๐Ÿ™‚

Book 2 however I will Shed some light on! So we have Pam the girl who fell into hell and she now attends devil school.ย  She now has two partners who she will be training with named Raim and Vine. Raim is a Loud and Aggressive girl whereas Vine is a more quite and reserved girl. Together they must pass tests to become full fledged devils!

Pam also has a really cool and funny familiar named Zu. Sometimes he is a lion/bird hybrid and he also has a human form. He is quite strong and can help but can’t seem to hold his human form for very long.

There are also classes she must take and so there are some interesting devil teachers.ย  for example : Buer is a lion head with 4 legs, i coming out on each side.

In this book you will also get insight into the personalities of the three girls and a bit of background on them. Such as Vine’s family history and a lot about why she acts the way she does. You also find out that they are attending the school that he is the master of ๐Ÿ™‚

You also learn about the history of the demon world which is helpful because just like Pam we are learning all of these things for the first time!~

Last but not least to become a full fledged devil Pam needs a job so she becomes a waitress at Restaurant Ziggurat part time. It is a bit hard getting a job there as there is another business they have to compete against… an angel restaurant!!

put out by: dr master

you can buy it at : amazon , just manga

rated: 13+

Stray Little Devil #1

Ok so this manga is the first manga to reach 5 people picking it in my poll on my crunchy roll site ๐Ÿ™‚

so you will get a review of it!! TA DA!~

So welcome to the world of Stray Little Devil book 1!~

So let’s start at the beginning: Let me introduce to you Pam. A normal human girl with human friends and a not so normal fall into hell.

Put out by : Dr Master

Places to buy: Amazon, Just Manga

You will like this manga if you like : demons, demon vs. angel battles, fan service

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