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Sword of the Dark Ones #3

Final Book : The MIGHTY book 3 !!

Are you still with me ? Do you still like chips? ok good!

So our hero has alot of fighting to do this time around so that he can save a girl who has been kingdom. Once again there is much fighting and kicking of BUTTS!

There is some back story through out this book that answers questions I had and you may have and mostly everything is wrapped up quite nicely. Don’t expect anything smushy or touchy feely. This is an epic battle ending type manga and that is what you will get.

So hopefully my reviews are making these mangas seem attractive. I have had reviews both good and bad so we shall see right?

Put out by : cmx

where to buy: just manga, amazon

Rated : M (do people care about ratings??)

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Sword of the dark ones : the second!!

Man…the chips from the first review are back with a whole new “bag of tricks”.

This book is mostly just one giant fight. Leroy vs. Tiger Beast Man Cartel!! Everywhere you look someone is on the verge of death BUT WAIT no he is getting back up and then…

SOMEONE IS EXPLODING!!! now that guy is becomeing the devil!!!

so if you love fighting, insanity and blood blood blood. well then you might just want to read this manga in the very near future. i almost just said : Get this manga before it gets you!!!

Mangaka: Kotobuki Tsukasa

From a story by: Yasui Kentaro

Put out by: CMX

Places to buy: Amazon, Just Manga

Read this manga if you like: Demons, Beastmen, …Hot Girls?, Action, Muscley crazy heros

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Sword of the dark ones #1

alright people there is really only one downfall to this manga…. IT’S NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!!~

besides that this manga is all that and um.. well you know a bag of chips! What kind? THE BEST KIND!

unless you are against nudity… sometimes these chips like to get naked..  anyhow:

First off the covers are AWESOME! Look at that cover. Don’t you want to take it home and show how hospitable you are?  but oh my friend that cover is just the beginning!!~  inside lies a treasure trove of AWESOMENESS! that is included but not limited to :

1. Talking Swords

2. Crazy Tiger Men

3. A main character that is um… more than meets the eye haha but sadly there is no optimus prime here…

plus there is something for everyone : action, gore, cuteness, animals, talking swords, hot girls, cool looking lead male who kicks butt and um.. takes names and then beats up people with said names!

So all i can say is if you are not offended by a little bit of nudity READ THIS ASAP!!!!!

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