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Yuuwaku no Bansan Story 3 (WARNING SMUT)

The Final Story!

This time our main character is a model named Risa. She has been modeling for a year and just happens tobe secretly dating the company president.She had been modeling for a bit and was thinking of quiting when she decided to confess her love. To her suprise he also confessed that he was in love with her and they began to date! (and you know… do the stuff that makes this SMUT manga) But then one day Risa sees him with another woman!

This causes Risa to lower her let her image slide at an interview and the president has to cover for her! After the interview he yells at her and then tells he to wait for him because he has to go to a meeting. As she is waiting for him in the lobby she over hears that his meeting was canceled and that he is meeting someone at the lounge of a hotel!! It is the woman from before and she sees them and gets jealous and DRUNK!

At the bar she faints and the president takes her to his place. When she wakes up he tells her that the other woman was just a co-worker.She decides to believe him for now and heads off to work, where she just happens to run into the mystery woman!!

Risa learns from this woman that she is the President’s fiancee and she doesn’t much care for Risa AT ALL!

Risa gets very scared of what the president’s fiancee is going to do to her, so she packs up and heads to her paren’t house. She thinks she got away from it all but she is about to get a visitor…

Who comes to see her? Will Risa ever get to be in a normal relationship with the man she loves?

Find out at Red Madness

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Yuuwaku no Bansan Story 2 (WARNING SMUT)

This is the story of a girl who wants freedom.

Or is it? No sooner does our main charcater Ayame says this and throws off her towel does a man appear before her. This man happens to be her aunts new husbans son from a previous marriage Takafumi. Got that? Ok, good so Takafumi decides that the two of them are going to live together for a full two weeks! Ayame is unsure of her new co inhabitant… He is nice one minuite and then suddenly he is a complete bully.

The bulling soon eases up and something happens! At first Ayame doesn’t know what to do but she soon lets her body do all the work and she ends up realizing she really likes Takafumi. I fact she has liked him since she saw him at her aunts wedding and SUPRISE he has liked her too! (Awww)

Some fun in a kiddy pool and a romantic car ride later and we find Ayame falling in love! However her world of romance comes to a halt when her aunt catches her and Takafumi in the middle of something when she comes home early. We find out that this man isn’t Takafumi! Who is he and will Ayame stay with him? You know the drill! If you want to know check it out: Red Madness

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Yuuwaku no Bansan Story 1 (WARNING SMUT)

I am starting a new Smutty manga because a lot of the girls who read this page seem to want it.

Yuri, the main character does not  want to be tied down to just one man. She wants something else out of her relationships with men. She goes from man to man with no regrets for not settling down and getting serious with anyone. One man, of course will change her entire way of thinking…

This man is Tooyama Keigo, a coworker who is forming a team of workers and wants a woman on his team. Out of the girls from her office he just happens to pick her and she just can’t seem to figure out why. When she asks him however, he says she was picked because she is the best woman at work to hang out with after 5 pm and that he heard she’s made men cry…

So because he tells her to dress for a date she wears her cutest clothing and shows up thinking he will love it. Once he sees her though he tells her that she does not look like the type of girl he would be taking out. They do into the restaurant and order there food and then starts acting strange. Being a bit more than playful things start to take a turn that Yuri did not forsee!

He tells her that once, about a year ago they all ready went all the way and she completely forgot!! For all the things that go on that night he tells her that it is all just work and even gives her notes on the night… The next night the same thing happens and Yuri goes along with it, and inspite of herself she really likes it.. The next night they go out again this time is different though. Yuri is falling for one single man and she asks him out, she is rejected though and they will soon go back to being strangers. That night she calls another man and they spend the night together.

Will these two end up together?  If so how will it happen?

You can download it here if you want to know : Red Madness Forum

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