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Paradise Kiss #4

Second to last! no wait i want more!! *sad*

oh well i better make it count!!!

In the 4th book we see that the fashion show is coming up very soon! Everybody is helping to put the finishing touches together so they can have just the right look. Some of the things they had been working on get confiscated by a teacher and that creates a few problems but all in all most things are coming along pretty well.

Of course we see more of what is happening in the love life of george and yukari! this time around yukari is jealous of a old friend of george’s a friend who just happened to have one the very fashion show they are getting ready for in the past …

So in this book you finally get to see all there work come to fruition!! The time of the fashion show is FINALLY here!! and the dress is gorgeous… (in my opinion yukari’s hair is a bit scary…) but with the fashion show over and a new possible love rival what will happen with george and yukai??

Put  out by: Tokyo Pop

Places to buy: Tokyo Pop, Just Manga

Rated: OT 16+

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Bad! bad naughty poop!~

I forgot a couple of my favorite anime openings… shame on me…

1. Paradise Kiss ( my real #1 favorite Op song…)

2. Zombie Loan

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