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Paradise Kiss #5

This is the end of my favorite manga of all time. It was good while it lasted!~

Last time we saw a fashion show but did they win or not? I will not give that away.

So Yukari’s mother finally let her become a model. She is very proud of Yukari because she is a beautiful model AND she got she is doing better in school.

This time around Yukari is modeling for a men’s magazine and who is cast as the love intrest in her shoot?? None other than Geoge of course!! He did it as a favor to a friend, and of course Yukari is werided out by the situation but in the end everything goes smoothly and the photos turn out great:

However their relationship outside of modeling is starting to crumble it seems…                                    Yukari is becomeing very jealous of Geoge’s Friend Kaori. She is a cute fashion designer who has been friends with George for a while, but just returned from London. The two of them are quite close and have been hanging out together quite a bit lately…

Yukari and George arn’t the only ones having problems. Miwako and Arashi are also having problems with a third wheel…  It seems that Miwako can’t quite decide what her hearth is feeling towards Hiro!

Do not fret Ai Yazawa will answer all questions by the books end. I don’t want to give away anything of the ending though so go now to your local bookstore and begin this awesome series!

Thanks for reading my review of Paradise Kiss!~

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Paradise Kiss #4

Second to last! no wait i want more!! *sad*

oh well i better make it count!!!

In the 4th book we see that the fashion show is coming up very soon! Everybody is helping to put the finishing touches together so they can have just the right look. Some of the things they had been working on get confiscated by a teacher and that creates a few problems but all in all most things are coming along pretty well.

Of course we see more of what is happening in the love life of george and yukari! this time around yukari is jealous of a old friend of george’s a friend who just happened to have one the very fashion show they are getting ready for in the past …

So in this book you finally get to see all there work come to fruition!! The time of the fashion show is FINALLY here!! and the dress is gorgeous… (in my opinion yukari’s hair is a bit scary…) but with the fashion show over and a new possible love rival what will happen with george and yukai??

Put  out by: Tokyo Pop

Places to buy: Tokyo Pop, Just Manga

Rated: OT 16+

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Paradise Kiss #3


You have made it 1/2 way thru this wonderful piece of art that is Paradise Kiss!~

Has anyone gone out and read this yet? C’mon you know you want too!~

Anyhow for those of you who haven’t read book 3 here you go:

Oh yeah so first off a warning there is a little nudity in this book!!

In this the 3rd installment of our journey we start by taking a peek into Yukari’s first ever modeling job! Yukari is on her own now and trying to make it but before too long she decides that she will be moving in with George. Though she is quick to get angry at George she also finds herself falling more and more in love with him!~

Living with George seems great but it of course does not solve all her problems. She is thinking about quiting school to become a model but first she needs a guardians approval! She realizes that it will be hard for her to get her mother to ok something like this but she goes to her mother to ask anyway. Her mother oks it but there is one thing she must do before she can model full time….

Sorry if this review seems a bit wordy compared to usual I am having fun typing haha 🙂

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My Favorite Anime / Manga Characters

Ok so I was looking trough my Anime and Manga Collections and thinking oh and I love this character and this one and this one and I am bored a bit so here you go my favorites:

1. Miwako from Paradise Kiss

2. Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth

3. Kyo from Fruits Basket

4. Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion

5. Nakatsu from Hana Kimi

6. Zero from Vampire Knight

7. Sanosuke from Ruroni Kenshin

8. Fai from Tsubasa

9. Tomo from Azumanga Daioh

10. Akito from Air Gear

thanks for letting me get that out of my system!!

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Paradise Kiss #2

So with book 2 we see Yukari’s world expand even more then in the first book! She now has a boyfriend and is going to model for a student fashion show! She never before this even gave modeling a thought and now she is thinking about leaveing home to make it on her own!! Oh how her world has changed.

In this book we meet Miwako’s sister Mikako who is also the main character of Ai Yazawa’s previous work

Gokinjo Monogatari (neighborhood stories).

She has grown up and now owns Happy Berry and Yukari goes to see her to see if she can get a job working for her at her shop. It seems though that the clerk position is taken.. would she like to become a model instead??

Mangaka : Ai Yazawa

put out by : Tokyo Pop

places to buy: Tokyo Pop , Just Manga

~oh and it you want a rating for this manga i give it a 10 out of 10~

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Bad! bad naughty poop!~

I forgot a couple of my favorite anime openings… shame on me…

1. Paradise Kiss ( my real #1 favorite Op song…)

2. Zombie Loan

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Paradise Kiss #1

So I had a lot of fun reading this book back when I first got it in 2001. Since then I have read it another half a dozen times and still really enjoy the art work and story! It was the first book of manga I ever bought because the cover drew me in more than anything else in the Barnes and Nobel teen section.

So anyhow on with the review: This manga really pulls you in right off the bat by making Yukari the main character. Alot of people know what it is like to be her a student who feels plain and is just trying to get by…

but then out of nowhere you are thrust into the world of paradise kiss. This world contains beauty and excitement and people who are so different from those of the “regular world”

In the midst of all these crazy people one seems more crazy …and wonderful than all the others: George

Before she even realizes it she is in love with george and things in Yukari’s life start to spiral out of her control…

You will like it if you like: Shoujo, Romance, Fashion, Beautiful artwork, Good Story

Mangaka: Ai Yazawa

Put out by : Tokyo Pop

Places to buy : Tokyo Pop, Just Manga

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ok 1…2… testing testing!!~

so i am going to try to do this and not get frustrated to much just remember I am new at this so these are the manga I am going to review:

La portrait de petite Cossette:

Free collars kingdom:

Mugen Spiral:

Paradise Kiss:

Sword of the dark ones:

I don’t know why the paradise kiss is such a huge picture … we’ll just go with: because it’s my favorite haha

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