So we are just going to steer this in a new direction!

I was going to trash all my old posts but I am an emotional sap and don’t want to get rid of my old manga reviews…

However as of TODAY this is now going to be a movie review blog.

I have no money to buy manga anymore as now I have a son and all, but we do have netlix.

So I watch movies like nobody’s business!!

I hope to keep up with this monday through friday. If I don’t happen to gain any followers to this blog at least I will remember what movies I watched in the future.

This week I watched

1. I Kissed A Vampire

2.My Sucky Teen Romance

3. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

and a couple shows (but I won’t be reviewing tv)

So expect to see probably at least one of those films reviewed here next week.

I have family coming up over the weekend so it will probably be a slow movie weekend.

Hope I stick with this as it is a new years resolution I am only now getting to.

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