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It’s Just a Jump to the left!

Oh “Rocky Horror Picture Show” How I Love thee!

Like Your Under Sedation! Let’s do the time warp again!!

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My New Favorite Song…

This is the ending to Vampire Knight Guilty. I do not have any urge to watch this anime, however, I am addicted to this song!! I found out about it here : METANORN

Songs from my Youth

set to anime of course (haha)

Teenage Dirtbag / Love Hina AMV

Change (in the house of flies) / Death Note

Ultimate Showdown / Mixed Anime

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Some anime songs to help you have fun…

here are some songs from nana! hopefully they will make your day… or something 🙂

Nana : Lucy

Nana : Rose

So there you go a bit of Japanese Punk haha


“Kurutto, Odotte, Hatsune Miku” Nendoroid Version

Konata’s Sky Hiigh (Lucky Star X Kirby)

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ok so here is the video for flux :

and yes it isn’t anime once again BUT it is giant robots so that is cool right and GREAT song!!~

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On the theme of anime and manga there is drama!!~

How many of my readers love drama??

I though for fun i would put some of my favorite songs from dramas!!

First there is my favorite drama op song ever!:

Destiny by My little lover (from “with love”)

next up there is the opening song for my favorite drama!! with lots of Nakatsu Clips!!~

Ikenai Taiyou  by Orange Range (from “hana kimi” jp)

well that is all the videos for today!! More later i promise!!~

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daily video x 2

Strawberry Panic Ending:

Xxxholic Opening / Ending :

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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ok so it’s not anime BUT it’s fun so there you go!!~

ok so i luv luv luv this music video so here you go: your daily music :

Sophisticated Side Ponytail by Natalie Portman’s Saved Head.

Give it a try … it grows on you

Do you wanna see shanmu with me?  YES I DO! I LOVE SHAMU!!

so yeah… i love having a blog…

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daily anime video FLCL : Little Busters

So I decided that it seems you the people like it when I post videos here so  I introduce to you :


*Also side note sorry that the review for Sword of the dark ones is so crazy I was kind of sleepy!*

Hope you like it 🙂

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