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Yume Kira Dream Shoppe : Story 1

Story 1: The Sound that brings blossoms


First let me introduce you to the two who will be with us though our whole journey. These two would be the owner of said shoppe of dreams Rin, and his stuffed Rabbit who is also his shop assistant, ALPHA. The first wish they recieve comes from a tree. What is the trees wish you ask? To be human and meet a boy who plays beautiful music. The wish is granted and the tree can be human for 10 days and if the tree fails to befriend the boy Rin will take the trees leaves. However the boy is not very nice to the tree girl and she gets a bit discouraged. She tries again and won’t back down this time, she will with out a doubt become a friend to the boy she loves. Things are going well for the tree and it seems she is on her way to becomeing fully human. It comes to about the time the tree must go back to being a tree and she asks Rin to give the boy her life, to save him because she needs his music even though they love each other. As a reward for being so self less Rin saves the boy and turns the tree into a girl. Awwww happy ending 🙂

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